Having some snack when go out with your camera, why not?

Filters UV, Polarizer, and Neutral Density Filters There are three filters that help to take a photographer from amateur level to professional and they are: UV, polarizer, and graduated neutral density. Each has its own purpose and benefit. UV Filters UV filters are probably the most purchased filters due to their main … Read More ›

July 30, 2017

Food recipe that good for hunters today.

Hi everyone, today we will have a look at some interesting dishes that good for hunters. Let’s go! Brie Balls & Salted Caramel Prep time: 5 min; Cook time: 0 min Serving Size: 1 ball; Serves: 6 Calories: 130; Total Fat: 12 g; Protein: 5 g; Total Carbs: 1 g; Net Carbs: … Read More ›

April 22, 2017

Somethings you must know to have a healthy body in this 2017

Various Types of the Ketogenic Diet The keto diet has different variations. These include: Standard Ketogenic Diet or SKD -This type of keto diet is moderate in protein, very low in carb, and high in fat. The ratio is usually 5% carb, 20% protein, and 75% fat. Cyclical Ketogenic Diet or CKD … Read More ›

April 6, 2017